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Founded In January of 2023 Chris felt called into ​ministry. Chris owns a lawn care company called ​duckWorks Lawn Care. He left his role in the day to day ​operations to be in the ministry full time at SIU as a part ​of their athletic department.


Women’s Basketball

Women’s Soccer


Men’s Basketball

Carbondale HS Softball

Track and Field

We work directly with the Athletic Department ​at Southern Illinois University. We work with ​multiple sports and our goal is to work with all ​sports at SIU.

We serve coaches and athletes at the same ​time. We gain access to athletes through ​coaches and we also gain access to coaches ​and their programs through their athletes.

In All, we Serve where the door is open.

Cross Country

Carbondale HS Basketball

"I serve others to gain trust that leads to conversations about Jesus. Doing my part to love like Jesus ​did so that others will see Jesus in me and my Family."

What we do

Saluki downTime

Monday night ​bible study.

Dinner - 7pm

Bible study - 8pm


  • Attend practice.
  • Watch and listen
  • Take good notes
  • Report when ​asked

Character Coaching

I Get to truly know ​players and coaches. I ​build deep relationships ​to help their hearts and ​minds perform.

1 on 1/Mentor

I make sure and have ​1 on 1 with coaches ​and athletes:

  • Before or after ​practice
  • For coffee or ​lunch

Called to Serve

I have been called to ​serve. Whenever and ​however, I will be ​there.



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  • What - Meal @7pm Bible Study @8pm
  • Where - Baptist Collegiate Ministry Building
  • Why - Feed their body and their hearts.
  • When - Monday Nights at 7:00pm
  • Who - SIU Student Athletes

We feed them each week. We ​also study the bible together. ​We talk about being in the ​world but not of the world. We ​work on both as an athlete and ​as part of the next chapter

We are currently funded at ​40%. Your partnership goes ​a long way to serving ​student athletes at SIU.


With US

  • Monday nights meals
  • Monday night athlete drinks
  • Coffee, Breakfast, and Lunch
  • Travel Expenses
  • Marketing

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